Great Minds Think Different 2019 – who’s on the panel?

The Panel at Great Minds Think Different - Our annual event

Great Minds Think Different 2019 – our panel and who they are!

Only a week to go until Great Minds Think Different 2019! Our annual event, celebrating the talents and creativity of neurodivergent people everywhere, is on Tuesday 26 November 2019 from 7pm at Platform Southwark.

Last week, we looked at who will be performing at Great Minds Think Different 2019 – this included: Gabriela Eva, Kaiya Stone, and Luke Poulton. This week we look at our panel and exactly who will be offering their opinions on neurodiverse topics and issues, featuring: Prof Sara Rankin, J-Rock from Big Brovas, Universal Music, and our founder Matt Boyd.

At Great Minds Think Different 2019 we decided to host a panel as a way to to explore the links between creativity, neurodivergence and the arts. We have arranged an amazing panel with speakers who each approach neurodiverse issues in new and creative ways, taking us on a journey through music, art, the sciences and more! Below we look at their stories, and what their experience of neurodivergence is:

Great Minds Think Different 2019 – The panel

J-Rock (Big Brovaz)

The MOBO award-winning Big Brovaz rapper has a young son diagnosed with autism, whom he quit the music business to care for. However, he recently returned to Big Brovaz and is pursuing many creative interests.

J-Rock is an advocate for raising Autism Awareness and frequently visits schools and other providers to spread his positive message around autism and neurodivergence.

Prof Sara Rankin

Sara Rankin is Professor of Leukocyte and Stem Cell Biology at Imperial College London. Sara is dyslexic and dyspraxic and talks about how her neurodivergence is her secret superpower, which has led her to success as a scientist and enabled her to develop innovative public engagement projects with artists and craftspeople.

In 2016 she established 2eMPowerUK to develop and deliver bespoke science workshops for neurodivergent teenagers. In addition, she is leading transformative changes in the way science is taught at Imperial making it accessible to students with specific learning differences.

Universal Music – EI Partner

Universal Music is championing neurodiversity in the workplace with a range of activities and ventures. From new styles of working, to more interesting recruitment strategies, the company is trying to make a difference for their neurodivergent workforce.

We will have a senior leader from the company speak about the way they are unlocking the creative potential of their staff and what companies can do to improve inclusivity.

Matt Boyd, Our Founder

In 2012, Matt came to the decision that he wanted to help people who have dyslexia (like himself) find employment. He found the traditional job application process particularly tricky for people with dyslexia.

It was clear that due to widespread misconceptions and outdated employment practices a wealth of talent was being missed. Exceptional Individuals’ aim is to create wider employment opportunities and to better understand and appreciate neurodivergent individuals everywhere.

The Great Minds Think Different event is part of our objective to celebrate all the ways neurodivergent people think creatively and to widen conversations about neurodiversity in the workplace.

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