Communications Profile

While it is not uncommon for those within the Neurodiverse community to be strong at either spoken or written communication, it is much rarer to enjoy and excel at both. Empathy and patience can be common traits within neurodiversity but for those who can excel at written and spoken to also have these traits can make them particularly well suited to forms of learning and development, support and management.


  • Concise and Accurate
  • Adaptable and Appropriate
  • Creative and immersive
  • Encouraging and convincing
  • Empathetic and understanding
May have the ability to take a complicated concept or large quantity of information and break it down into a manageable and understandable format or summary without significant effort. May be able to utilise different styles of format and delivery dependant on and relevant to nature of the information or type of audience. May have the capacity to tell engaging stories or revive dry material with the use of combined approaches such as examples, parables and metaphors, similes and comparisons, and be able to switch between emphasis and understatement as required. May possess the ability to inspire others or engage and develop there interest which in turn can lead them in directions they would not have gone or aid them in drawing conclusions they would not have considered. It may be that in addition to being able to feel for a person you may be able to get a sense of what they need and how to present that to them or impart it to others on their behalf. This skill is particularly advantageous as it bridges a gap that can otherwise leave people dissatisfied or unattended.

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