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Find out more about our employment support, our social impact, and meet our neurodiverse team!


More about what we do...

Our mission:

“To provide consulting, recruitment and employment support to employers and individuals with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and autism. We provide the benefit of lived experience and are passionate about creating wider employment opportunities and better understanding and appreciation for neurodivergent individuals everywhere.”

Our vision:

“To create understanding, opportunities and an inclusive culture for neurodivergent individuals everywhere. We want to inspire people through our own examples and life experiences. We want to be accessible to anyone who wants to better themselves and the world around them.”

We have an awesome team too...

At Exceptional Individuals, we pride ourselves on having a neurodiverse team. Over half of our staff are neurodivergent, with a range of neurodivergence, from ADHD, to Autism, to OCD! We see our neurodivergence as a unique selling point, that allows us to thrive, and allows us easily to be empathetic with the people we work with.

Some of our team members are pictured below, hover over their image to find out what they do...

About Us: Our Employment Support

Matt Boyd



About Us: Our Employment Support

Sherilee Beaumont

Admin Support


Timothy Lang

Timothy Lang

Delivery Manager


About Us: Our Employment Support

Kinga Kubiak

Head of Operations