Irlen Syndrome Test

Take our Irlen Syndrome quiz (below) to see whether you have any traits of Irlen Syndrome.


Do you have any traits of Irlen Syndrome?

Our Irlen Syndrome quiz helps to see if you have any traits of Irlen Syndrome. There are a number of questions throughout the quiz that ask you questions regarding how you perceive things, and other areas.

Please note that the quiz is just to see if you have any traits of Irlen Syndrome- it does not diagnose Irlen Syndrome. Unfortunately, we don't have the capabilities to offer diagnosis. If you score highly on the Irlen Syndrome quiz, we would recommend speaking to your GP.

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What is Irlen Syndrome?

Irlen Syndrome is not an optical impairment. It affects the brain’s ability to process visual information and in most cases it is hereditary. This causes physical symptoms like headache, fatigue, depth perception and inability to stay focused.

Irlen Syndrome is a spectrum disorder just like autism. This mean that a person with Irlen Syndrome can fall within a continuum of sever to mild.

Common challenges of Irlen Syndrome:

  • Suffers from Light sensitivity
  • Depth perception
  • Reading
  • Sustaining attention and concentration
  • Spatial and Body awareness
  • Ball sports

"I often trip when I use the stairs."

"I always end up with headache when I read as the words move when I read."

"I feel uncomfortable when the lights are too bright or glaring especially at night."

Common Irlen Syndrome strengths

Good oral memory

Growing up with Irlen Syndrome means that you cannot rely on your sight. Your best option is to use your other senses like your hearing. Years of practice makes them good listeners and very good at memorization and remembering things that have heard.

Imaginative / Creative

They are very imaginative and creative. Even though they can’t read as fast, they listen to their surroundings and take that in. They process this information differently and most of the time they are “out of the box”.


They are very good at telling stories and keeping the interest of a group of people for an extended period of time. Writing as a way of expressing themselves are so challenging that they have overdeveloped their verbal expression.

Problem Solvers

Growing up was difficult so they are very good at approaching a problem from a completely different angle. They’re brains learn differently and therefore are great at finding creative solutions for a problem which are practical.

Examples of good jobs for people with Irlen Syndrome

  • Counsellor
  • Job Coach
  • Talent management
  • Care assistant
  • Hospitality
  • Call Centers
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Retail
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