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We support employers through our neurodiversity consultancy, offering advice and guidance on all things neurodiversity, from policies, HR guidance, and staff training.

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Our Neurodiversity Consultancy Service

At Exceptional Individuals, we know that even with the best will in the world, it can be difficult to be a truly inclusive employer. That is why we support organisations through our neurodiversity consultancy services, offering advice and guidance on drafting and implementing inclusive policies, HR guides, and creating a culture of open communication.

We can get you started by supporting you to become more "neurodiversity friendly", and then provide more bespoke consultancy services such as neurodiversity audits and training. Our specialist services help to ensure that being inclusive is not treated as a one-time engagement, but a progressive attempt at genuinely improving the inclusivity of your workplace.

What is a neurodiversity consultant?

A neurodiversity consultant is an individual who specialises in supporting businesses in creating a more neuro-inclusive environment for employees who are neurodiverse. This may include carrying out neurodiversity audits to measure neuro-inclusion within the organisation and then developing initiatives from this data to improve the inclusiveness of the workplace. Neurodiversity consultants can help businesses create a more supportive environment for all employees while also tapping into the unique perspectives and skillsets of those who are neurodivergent.

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What are the benefits of working with a neurodiversity consultant?

Some of the key benefits of working with a neurodiversity consultant include:

  • Access to specialised knowledge and expertise.

Neurodiversity consultants have extensive experience in neurodiversity employee support, and can provide expert guidance on issues such as workplace culture and reasonable adjustments.

  • Improved understanding of neurodiversity.

Working with a neurodiversity consultant can help you gain a deeper understanding of neurodivergent individuals, their experiences, and how to best support them in the workplace.

  • Greater awareness of existing resources and supports.

A good neurodiversity consultant will also be familiar with existing resources and supports that can benefit your employees, which can further enhance your ability to create a neuro-inclusive environment.

By working with a neurodiversity consultant, you can gain the knowledge and expertise needed to create a more neuro-inclusive and welcoming workplace for neurodiverse employees. This can help foster an environment where you not only attract employees who are neuro distinct but also help them to advance in their careers so that you encompass a truly inclusive culture.

How can our consultancy services help to improve neurodiversity and inclusion within your workplace?

It’s a good question, so we thought the best people to answer were our clients.
Our relationship with EI has supported both new candidates and existing staff. The training sessions have been insightful, engaging, well-received by all those who attended and have given our staff and team leaders confidence in supporting neurodiverse individuals


Our work with Aviva has resulted in them becoming one of the leaders in Neurodiverse recruitment. We continue to support managers and staff both on a 1-1 basis and in group sessions. Aviva successfully delivered one of the most innovative and inclusive data science recruitment programmes, attracting, sourcing and hiring exceptional new talent. We hope this paves the way for similar initiatives, both in conjunction with Aviva and across all industries.
The session they presented was fantastic. Exceptional Individuals are all amazing people, they are engaging and inspiring, and extremely humorous!

Learning and Development Manager - Ryman

Since partnering with Ryman in 2015, we have successfully onboarded over 50 entry-level workers in Ryman stores. Ryman’s increasingly neurodiverse workforce not only better aligns with the company’s values but means that they have a more creative and dynamic workforce than ever before.

This has translated into increased sales and diversity in their stores nationwide. Our partnership with Ryman continues to increase awareness of the untapped potential of the UK’s neurodiverse population, and we are thrilled to be contributing new talent and dyslexic-friendly resources to Ryman.

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Our Neurodiversity Consultancy offering includes

Policy Advice:

We offer consultancy in the form of policy advice, supporting organisations to draft and developing policies regarding neurodiversity. Throughout your policy development process, our team will be available to provide help and advice, and review drafts at each stage of the process. We can also provide a number of example policies to assist you in the process.

HR Guides:

We provide you with Human Resources guides to support you through challenging situations in the appropriate way, and offer expert advice and guidance on the best ways to interact with neurodiverse candidates and employees across your organisation. Examples of these guides may include: managing neurodiverse individuals; reviewing neurodiverse employees’ performance; creating an inclusive workplace culture; and valuable assistive technology solutions.


If you choose our consultancy service, we provide a helpline, available throughout the working day, Monday to Friday, every week. If you have any questions or queries, we will be on-hand to provide expert advice and support. You can also use this direct helpline to discuss future work with us, or to discuss any inclusive initiatives you may be considering in your organisation.

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