Neurodiversity Audits of Workplaces & Recruitment Processes

We conduct workplace audits for employers, assessing their recruitment processes, workplace culture, and employee life cycle.

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Our Workplace Neurodiversity Audits

Our workplace audits assess the neurodivergent employee life cycle. We assess official policies and organisational culture, with a focus on fairness, inclusivity, diversity and support mechanisms.

Our audits also assess both online and offline components of application processes and culture. We assess using quantitative and qualitative methods, and we aim to complete our audits within a 4-month time window.

The areas covered in our audits include: governance and policies, external recognition, inclusion and diversity, social dynamics, vision and leadership, staff satisfaction and wellbeing.

What is a workplace audit?

A workplace audit is a comprehensive evaluation of an organisation's work environment, policies, practices, and procedures to assess compliance, effectiveness, and alignment with specific standards, regulations or best practices.

The audit can be conducted internally by the organisation or by third-party accredited bodies and may cover various areas, including safety, diversity and inclusion, human resources and legal compliance.

Its purpose is to identify areas of improvement, potential risks, and areas of non-compliance, enabling the organisation to make necessary adjustments, implement changes, and ensure a safe, efficient and legally sound workplace.


Month One: Discover

Evaluate the website, assess the application process, and interview staff.

Month Two: Define

Undertake a workplace culture survey, review assessments and key documentation.

Month Three: Develop

Collect and analyse survey results and assessments, review key policies.

Month Four: Deliver

Produce a final report and present to the organisation, identify further support required.

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Workplace Neurodiversity Audit Components

We audit different aspects of your recruitment and retention process.

Following a workplace audit, we will produce a report, providing your organisation with a score based on how suitable your processes and culture are for neurodiverse people. This report will also include commendable aspects of your organisation, issues and problems, and key recommendations.

Our Neurdiversity Workplace Audit Success with Roche

We conducted an audit for Roche Pharmaceuticals in 2018. We began by assessing their application process, examining the accessibility, readability, and suitability of their recruitment methods.

Roche scored well. We found their application process was fit for purpose, but there was room for improvement.

We commended Roche on their short application process, which did not include psychometric testing, and their online interviews. However, we identified that Roche did not have an option to disclose a disability or additional needs during the application process, inconsistency across job specifications, and a lack of guidance on their online platform.

We recommended the following:

  • Add a disclosure section to the application form (Vital)
  • Allow the user to make customisation adjustments (Highly Recommended)
  • Have any support material available directly within the application system
  • Clear descriptive guidance
  • A page outlining the process or a process map

Following the audit, Roche have implemented a number of these changes and are working with us to continue to improve their processes.

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