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At Exceptional Individuals, we are passionate about promoting neurodiversity in the media, advocating and educating on the topic.


Neurodiversity in the media

At Exceptional Individuals, we advocate for rights and opportunities for neurodiverse people, and are a voice for education in the field of neurodiversity. We try to create change in the broader societal, legal, and political arenas in which our activities take place. We push for recognition and awareness of the growing neurodiversity movement as a whole.

We attempt to discuss neurodiversity in the media as much as we can, to achieve these means. In the past, we have featured on the BBC TV and Radio, London Live and more. By promoting our work, our opportunities, our events and our people, we try to increase the awareness of neurodiversity and create a positive message surrounding the topic of neurodiversity, fighting the stigma that may often be associated with some neurodiversities.

We have featured on:

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BBC One Show:

Matt Boyd, founder of Exceptional Individuals, discusses the untapped potential of neurodiversity in the workplace on the BBC One Show. Learn how businesses can benefit from embracing a more inclusive workforce and unlock the unique strengths of neurodivergent individuals.

BBC News:

During dyslexia awareness week, the BBC did a feature on Exceptional Individuals about the work we do to try and recruit neurodiverse talent into businesses. Matt and Anna both appeared in the feature to spread awareness of neurodiverse strengths, and the problem that we are trying to change.

BBC World News

Following a BBC feature we were involved in, Nat was invited onto BBC World News to discuss the power of neurodiversity in the workplace, and the strengths neurodivergent people can bring.

BBC Radio 5 Live:

Our Head of Community, Nat, went to speak on BBC Radio 5 Live about dyslexia and what we are doing to help improve the number of unemployed people with dyslexia. He met with Maya Jama & Nihal Arthanayake!.

London Live:

We featured on London Live to, where Matt discussed the opening of our Employment Academy (originally Dyslexia Academy). This was set up to help long term unemployed neurodiverse people gain the confidence to apply for jobs.