Neurodiversity: Meanings, Types & Examples

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Neurodiversity definitions...


Noun: The diversity or variation of cognitive functioning in people. Everyone has a unique brain and therefore different skills, abilities, and needs.


Adjective: Describes the diversity and variation of cognitive functioning in people. Neurodiverse is typically used to describe neurodivergent people.


Noun: Cognitive functioning which is not considered "typical". For example, autistic, dyslexic, and dyspraxic people.


Adjective: Describes people who have a neurodivergence.

What is Neurodiversity?

“Neurodiverse” refers to a community of people whose members are neurodivergent.

Neurodiversity is an approach to education and ability that supports the fact that various neurological conditions are the effect of normal changes and variations in the human genome.

ADHD, Autism, Dyspraxia, and Dyslexia all fall within the spectrum of “Neurodiversity”.

Neuro-differences are recognised and appreciated as a social category similar to differences in ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, or ability.

For example, a condition such as dyslexia is an integral part of a person. To take away their dyslexia is to take away from the person.


A Note On Language

Our vision is to create understanding, opportunities and an inclusive culture for Neurodiverse individuals everywhere.

When EI began, Neurodiversity wasn’t a phrase that was known or understood. We acknowledge that the words and phrases used to articulate Neurodiversity are ever-evolving and that there is a vast variety of personal preference.

80% of our team are Neurodiverse and have faced many of the challenges our beneficiaries encounter. We choose our language with care and from personal experience. We are also aware that there might be disparities between our words and yours.

If any of the language on our website doesn’t sit quite right with you, please do not hesitate to contact us and we are happy to explain our choices or update the language in question.


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