Our Neurodiverse Team

Meet the members of our team behind Exceptional Individuals, half of which are neurodiverse! Feel free to email us!


About our team

As a neurodiverse social enterprise, it is our desire and responsibility to reflect what we encourage in our own business, which is why we ensure we have a richly diverse and neurodiverse team.

Of our team of fifteen, over half are neurodiverse, and we believe this adds different perspectives, more creativity and social satisfaction to our working lives.

We also think it is important that our neurodiverse people feel as though their situations and problems are fully understood, and what better way to ensure this than offering coaching with our staff that understand and have often experienced the same issues they may be going through.

You can meet our neurodiverse team below. Each member of the team can be contacted using the email link, or if you’d like to contact us through our general phone line, please call 0208 133 6046.

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Matt Head shot Website

Matt Boyd



Aretha - Our job advisor who offers employment support

Aretha Rutherford

Job Advisor


Timothy Lange - Tim offers employment support for those in-work too

Timothy Lang

Delivery Manager


Bridget Onyeka - Our head of operations

Bridget Onyeka

Head of Operations


Rubna Kayani - Account Manager

Rubna Kayani

Account Manager


Nat Hawley - Neurodiverse team members - community lead

Nat Hawley

Head of Community


Sherilee Beaumont - Member of our neurodiverse team

Sherilee Beaumont

Admin Support


Kerem Osborne Dikerdem - Neurodiverse job advisor in the team

Kerem Osborne Dikerdem

Employability and Support Lead


Tom Holden - Content Strategist - Neurodiverse team member

Tom Holden

Content Designer and Strategist


Sylvia - our admin support in the neurodiverse team

Syvlia Nakitayimbwa

Admin Support


Simon Tabibi - neurodiverse team web technician

Simon Tabibi

Website Support


Susanna our neurodiverse team volunteer

Suzanne Ryder

Data Volunteer


Karl Cotta - Graphics - part of our neurodiverse team

Karl Cotta

Graphics Volunteer


April Slocombe - part of our neurodiverse team

April Slocombe

Content Volunteer



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