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Common Dyspraxia Symptoms In Adults

Featured image by David Cassolato, Pexels.com The symptoms of Dyspraxia can be different between a range of people and may not remain the same over time. This means that it affects people in different ways. According to the NHS, Dyspraxia can affect: Coordination skills, particularly balance and movement. Speed and

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How to Tell if Your Child Has Autism

Featured image by Max Fischer, Pexels.com Do you ever wonder why your child seems to be behaving differently from others or might be developing differently from their peers? If so, then they could have autism.   Read on to find out about the most common signs of autism in children.

Famous & Successful People With Dyslexia

Featured image by Dick Thomas Johnson, flickr.com There are many successful individuals that struggle with Dyslexia who are renowned in their industry. Discover our list of 10 celebrities that have Dyslexia here to inspire you. Can a person with Dyslexia be successful? You may be surprised to find out that

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Being in a Relationship with Someone Who Has ADHD: What You Need to Know

Featured image by Pavel Danilyuk, Pexels.com Being in a relationship with someone who has ADHD can be challenging. Find out more here about ADHD and relationships and what can help.   What is it like being in a relationship with someone who has ADHD? Photo by Alex Green, Pexels.com A

Is Jamie Oliver Dyslexic?

Featured image from nbcnews.com   Jamie Oliver is one of the world’s most well-known chefs, but does he have dyslexia? Read on to find out     What are the strengths of dyslexics? Strong memory of stories that are read out aloud to them Astute ability to analyse stories that

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How can we help people with autism get a job?

The first thing is to identify the job role that the person wants to go into and work out the ins and outs of the job. It is wise to see which employers are disability confident before researching roles within the sector. After pinning down the sector and role, then

Recruitment Tips and Advice for People with ADHD

Featured image by Marily Torres, Pexels.com If you have ADHD and you want to find out how you can get a job, please follow the tips and advice in this post.     What is the best job for someone with ADHD? Adults with ADHD may possess the following strengths

Dyspraxia & Driving: What you need to know

Featured image by Matheus Bertelli, pexels.com Learning how to drive, for many, is a significant milestone as well as a major life skill. As of 2019, 74% of people in England hold a full driving licence. This can be an exciting decision to make for some, yet intimidating for others.

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