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3 Myths about Neurodiversity in the Workplace | Exceptional Individuals

Featured Image by Monstera Production, Pexels There are many myths revolving around neurodiversity in the workplace. Learn more about them now! What is Neurodiversity? Neurodiversity refers to the different ways a person’s brain processes information. It is an umbrella term used to describe a number of these variations. 1 in

What is Complex ADHD: Symptoms & Treatment

Featured Image by Joshua Fuller, Unsplash According to the National Health Service, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a condition that affects individuals’ behaviour. Adults with ADHD are known to have problems with time management, following instructions, completing tasks, feeling restless, taking risks and so on. This article will draw

Dyspraxia vs ADHD: Differences & Overlaps

Featured Image by Gratisography, Pexels Dyspraxia and ADHD are 2 types of neurodiversity that Exceptional Individuals provide services for. While they have differences between them, they also have similarities or overlaps between them. Find out more about the signs of dyspraxia and ADHD, their similarities, and differences, and if they

ADHD and Anger: Management Tips & Tricks

Image by Freepik Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is known to be one of the most common mental health disorders which affect attention, focus span, and impulsivity. ADHD may impact individuals in their daily life, including professional tasks, interpersonal relations, and daily responsibilities. Research on ADHD suggested that this condition

ADHD Productivity Tips That Work

Featured Image by Suzy Hazelwood, Pexels For those with ADHD staying focused can be challenging, and while there’s no ‘quick fix’ or magic solution, there are strategies you can put in place to enhance productivity, keep you organised and reach your goals. Why do people with ADHD struggle to be

Working From Home With Autism: Top Tips

Featured Image by StartupStockPhotos, Pixabay Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability associated with differences in the brain, such as genetic conditions. Individuals diagnosed with ASD may act in different ways compared to people who do not have it. Therefore, it is important to raise awareness about this disability

Autism Eating Habits & Behaviours

Featured Image by Pixabay, Pexels Eating is an essential part of life. It provides us with energy and strength to keep active throughout the day, it gives us nutrients for growth and repair, and it can help prevent certain diet-related illnesses. People with autism, however, may find eating difficult. They

What Are The Different Types of Dyscalculia?

Featured Image by Magda Ehlers, Pexels What do Cher, Benjamin Franklin, Hans Christian Andersen, and Robbie Williams have in common? They have or were thought to have had dyscalculia, which caused them to have maths anxiety and struggle with the subject. Despite their anxieties and struggles, they had successful roles