Case Studies

At Exceptional Individuals, we work with neurodiverse people and employers. Our neurodiversity case studies record our best work!


About our case studies

Our neurodiversity case studies help to showcase the stories of our neurodiverse community, and the good work that inclusive employers are doing to support neurodiverse talent.

Each of our neurodiverse candidate case studies look at how Exceptional Individuals helped to improve the lives of that individual – this may be through helping them find work, supporting them at-work, or providing coaching to upskill the neurodiverse person and improve confidence.

Our case studies with employers look at how we have helped that particular business improve their processes and culture. This can be through our work in improving their recruitment and selection processes, reviewing their policies and support mechanisms or training their staff on all things neurodiversity.

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Feel free to contact us to discuss more services, or share your story, by emailing us or filling out our contact form. You can also call us on 0208 133 6046.

Our inspirational neurodivergent success stories...

Cat Miller - Artist!

Cat's Case Study

Cat took a Public Speaking workshop with us to help improve her confidence. She's gone on to do some amazing things since!

Ian's Case Study

We met with Ian to discuss neurodivergent business challenges, whilst also helping him up-skill and inspire his work further!

Our amazing partners and how we helped...

Ryman Case Study - a picture from our workshop

Ryman case study

We worked with Ryman back in 2018, when they wanted to improve how they recruited neurodiverse talent.

Roche case study

We partnered with Roche in 2018 to conduct audits of their recruitment processes. We also held a neurodiversity conference!

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