Jobs for People with Autism

Struggling for career ideas? Check out what jobs may be suited to autism!


What jobs are good for autism?

Autism a neurological developmental disorder, characterised by repetitive patterns of behaviour and difficulties with social communication. This means that people with autism looking for jobs may struggle with application processes, and be unsuccessful. However, people with autism can offer great benefits in a number of areas.

No definition can truly capture the range of characteristics people with autism have, but many individuals share similar characteristics and experiences that can make them suited to some jobs. They often show strengths in areas such as logical thinking, attention to detail and retention. Check out more on some common strengths of people with autism below:

Attention to Detail

People on the autistic spectrum often have great attention to detail and focus. This means they are able to search through a lot of information for specific content!


Efficiency is another common strength. They are usually very good at following rules, sequences and orders, meaning with the right structure can be super efficient.

Logical Thinking

People with Autism are generally logical thinkers, as they can struggle to consider emotional factors. This brings an innovative and objective approach to problem solving.


People with Autism also build encyclopaedic knowledge on topics of interest, retaining lots of information. Visual memory is often also strong in a similar way.

Examples of good jobs for people with autism

These strengths provide people with autism a valuable set of skills that can be useful in many job roles. They are able to work efficiently and with accuracy, something regarded highly in certain roles, and can offer diverse perspectives on complex problems due to their logical approach to situations.

So, what are good jobs for people with autism?

Web Developer:
Having such a strong attention to detail, as well as the capability to retain information well, makes web development a great career path for someone with autism. With the job frequently touching on set rules and sequences, this also matches well to the efficiency associated with autism.

Data Officer:
Similarly, there are lots of roles in data for people that have a strong attention to detail. Being able to spot errors and replicate, change and identify information efficiently makes data a strong area for people with autism to consider.

Policy Adviser:
Having great retention on specific topics allows people with autism to build great knowledge banks. This makes them extremely useful as policy advisers. The ability to build an area of interest, alongside viewing things logically, allows them to add great value to discussions.

Writing content for websites, products and more is an essential part of marketing. People with autism are often intelligent and can write brilliantly, making this role an area to thrive in for those who also work efficiently and can notice errors.