Neurodiverse Mentoring

Our Mentoring Programme will match you with one of our Mentors, who are either Neurodiverse themselves, or have a good understanding of neurodiversity.


How to participate in Neurodiverse Mentoring.

You will have at least 4 sessions with your Mentor or Mentee, and these will follow a loose structure set out in the training.

Become a Mentee


To participate in the Mentoring programme as a mentee, you must be neurodiverse, or suspect that you are neurodiverse.

Your mentor will be there to provide intermittent support to help you identify and achieve your goals. They may be in the industry you are hoping to join, or you may share similar neurodiverse traits.

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Become a Mentor


We're looking for Volunteer Mentors from all industries, experience levels and walks of life. Our only ask is that you are either neurodiverse, or have a good understanding of neurodiversity.

If you think this is you, sign up below and we'll get in touch to tell you more!



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