Spiky Profile

Complete a spiky profile to understand your strengths, identify your career opportunities, and gain clarity about your learning difference.

What is a spiky profile?

The “spiky profile” is a visual representation of personal and work-related strengths and areas for development. Unlike psychometric testing, the aim of the spiky profile is to promote inclusivity rather than exclusivity.

People with a neurodivergence are more likely to perform highly in some areas, and lower in others. This means that their “skill profile” looks “spiky” with peaks and valleys, rather than a consistent ‘middle ground’.

The purpose of completing the spiky cognitive profile is to identify factors that may impact your personal career journey, to play to your strengths and develop in other areas.

You may wish to share your spiky profile with employers. The results will not directly impact your chance of employment, but will help your employer understand your strengths and areas for development.


How does a spiky profile work?

The spiky profile quiz consists of 20 questions across 6 categories (Analytical, Relationships, Situational, Numerical, Verbal, Visual) and the results are aggregated to identify the most appropriate profile match.

You will receive a visual representation of your results and further information about what your results mean. There is a maximum score of 16 per category, and the totals for each category will be displayed along with the profile to demonstrate differences between particular skills.

The profile visualisation will appear within a set range. For example, if all your results ranged between 2 - 6, it will only show the range between 2 - 6.

20 Questions
6 Potential Profiles

What information will our spiky profile give you?

  • A Spiky Profile graphic – a visualisation of your results
  • An overview of your unique skills profile
  • A detailed summary of your possible strengths
  • Potential career ideas and work preferences
  • Descriptions of behaviours or situations that are likely to be challenging
  • Ideas about potential workplace support that might suit you

You can use your visualisation to understand yourself a little better, or to explain your potential learning difference to others.

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The spikey profile is not designed with mobile devices in mind, please use a device with a larger screen to start or view your profile.