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Our Neurodiverse Recruitment Service

At Exceptional Individuals, we provide a neurodiverse recruitment service, working with employers and candidates to match the perfect neurodiverse people to their perfect roles.

Over 10,000 neurodiverse individuals with unique strengths that could benefit your business visit our website and access our services every day. We can advertise your roles, help you target the right neurodiverse people, and match the individuals to the roles that would best suit their skill set and your organisation's needs

What do we offer?

  • Advice on designing your roles to appeal to neurodivergent candidates
  • Help to improve your application process (audits)
  • Advertise your jobs on our jobs board
  • Direct candidates we work with to your job roles
  • Support your candidates if they are hired

These steps can support you to become a Disability Confident Employer
If this sounds like something you would be interested in,

Our partners: Neurodiverse Employers

We already offer recruitment services to a number of inclusive companies who are passionate about recruiting neurodiverse people. Take a look at some of the businesses we have worked with below:

  • M Man - Partner
  • Ryman - Partner
  • Kantar - Partner
  • Roche - Partner
  • Unviersal Music Group - Partner
  • Kinapse - Partner
  • Endomol Shine
  • SSE - Partner
  • UBS - partner
  • McCann - Partner
  • Theatre Deli - Partner
  • Lincoln University - Partner
  • King - partner
  • The Law Society
  • Financial Times - Partner
  • Department for Transport - Partner
  • Bates Wells Braithwaite
  • Studiocanal - Partner

Our work

Don’t just take our word for it, read our case studies to find out how we helped our partners improve their recruitment processes, recruit neurodiverse talent, and upskill their staff.

Neurodiverse Recruitment Service UK


We worked with Ryman back in 2018, when they wanted to improve how they recruited neurodiverse talent.
aviva 4


Aviva approached us in 2019 with two main objectives: to provide support to their neurodiverse staff and to reach a new talent pool of neurodiverse individuals.

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