Workplace Needs Assessments for your Employees

At Exceptional Individuals, we provide Workplace Needs Assessments for neurodivergent employees that require support to succeed in their jobs.


Workplace Needs Assessments

Workplace Needs Assessments are impartial assessments carried out in the workplace to identify solutions to barriers experienced by an employee in their job which arise because of their disability.

They identify reasonable adjustments that would improve working life. These adjustments ensure that employees can reach their full potential. These are provided as recommendations, which we support employers to implement.

Recommendations include:

  • Assistive Technology, such as screen readers
  • A support worker (such as a job coach)
  • Adapted desks or chairs
  • Additional transport

As an employer, you can use the Access to Work Scheme which provides grants to cover, or share, the cost of implementing the support, depending on how recently the employee was hired and the size of your company.

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