Jobs for Dyslexics

Struggling for career ideas? Check out what jobs can be good for dyslexics!


What jobs are good for dyslexics?

Dyslexia is a learning difference, experienced by one-in-ten people, that affects reading and writing ability, and occasionally leads to difficulties with time management and memory. However, there are many positives to having dyslexia.

Dyslexia enhances skills in a number of different areas, meaning these individuals are often the ideal candidate for a number of jobs. These jobs for dyslexic people may require abilities such as creativity, problem solving or seeing the bigger picture, all of which dyslexics are often found to be strong at. Check out common dyslexic strengths below...


Dyslexics are often very creative individuals. This is because they are often trying to find other ways to solve problems, learn things differently, or makes things easier, giving them the capability to think outside the box.


Strengths in spatial awareness and pattern recognition means that dyslexics tend to be able to design graphics, structures, even buildings, in ways which others haven't considered. This makes them groundbreaking innovators.


A common misconception is that dyslexic people are poor communicators, but it is usually a strength for them. Having to explain how you live with dyslexia, in a way that is easy for others to grasp, requires strong communication skills.

Big Picture

Another common strength is being able to consider the bigger picture. Dyslexics are good entrepreneurs and managers, as they can look past the detail and focus on what really matters - and they've been doing it their entire lives!

Examples of good jobs for dyslexics

These strengths provide dyslexics with brilliant opportunities in a number of job roles. They are able to approach situations from a different angle to others, and can be extremely valuable to companies.

Did you know - In 2014, it was reported that Government Communications HQ (GCHQ) employs more than 100 dyslexic and dyspraxic 'neurodiverse' spies to harness their analytical skills in the fight against terror.

So, what are good jobs for dyslexics?

Graphic Designer:
Because of the visual way in which dyslexic people think, it makes them brilliant for coming up with creative ideas that others haven’t thought of. Graphic design is a perfect job for dyslexics because it allows them the safe space to be as creative as they want, and contribute hugely.

Similarly, there are lots of roles in journalism for people that think visually and are creative. Broadcast and radio journalism are perfect jobs for dyslexics, allowing visual and sound elements to engage an audience, rather than just words.

Website Developer:
Problem solving allows dyslexics to be ideal people to solve technical problems, and dealing with tough situations every day means facing challenges, and being adaptive can be second nature.

Dyslexics make fantastic businesses. It’s a fact – just look at Richard Branson, he’s dyslexic. The ability that many dyslexics have to see the bigger picture, and their creativity, means they have the ability to do incredible things!