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We provide lots of services for neurodivergent people who are looking for help finding jobs, in-work support, or to develop themselves!


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Cat Miller - Artist!

Cat Miller

Cat Miller is an artist, writer and friend of Exceptional Individuals. She also has Dyslexia.

We worked with Cat some time ago when she took part in one of our Public Speaking Workshops, to help improve her confidence through developing her communication skills.

Cat was finding that when public speaking, her nerves occasionally got in the way and that her dyslexia sometimes meant words came out in the wrong order.

Since Cat worked with us at Exceptional Individuals, she has gone on to do amazing work, creating fantastic artistic exhibitions that have been acquired by well-renowned libraries.

Ian Solomon-Kawall

Ian Solomon-Kawall is an artist, inspirational leader and consultant. His work ranges from running award-winning garden projects in South London, including May Project Gardens, to leading positive social change through his partnerships with companies like LUSH.

Ian initially came to Exceptional Individuals to gain some expert advice, speaking to our founder, Matt, about the challenges of starting a business with dyslexia.

He was looking for advice and inspiration from people running their own business around neurodiversity, hoping to find the synergy between similar organisations.

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