Asperger's Test

Take our online Aspergers/Autism test and see whether you have any traits of the neurodivergence.

Can you still get Asperger’s tests?

No, Aspergers was previously used as a term to diagnose people on the Autism spectrum however in 2013 it became part of an umbrella diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The asperger test is no longer used but we have an ASD (Autism) characteristics test below you can complete.

Controversy with Asperger

Hans Asperger actions as a psychiatrist in Nazi era Austria has led the term being removed from the majority of diagnoses. Some individuals however still use the phrase when referring to their own diagnoses.

We have produced a webinar on the controversial history of Asperger.

Who is this autism/aspergers test for?

This autism test is suited to adults who think they may experience traits of autism, such as difficulty with social interaction and interpreting others’ emotions, or preferring to stick to a fixed routine. However, as autism is a spectrum condition, individual traits will differ from person to person.

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