Autism Test for Adults

Take our online adult autism test and see whether you have any traits of autism.


Who is this autism test for?

This autism test is suited to adults who think they may experience traits of autism, such as difficulty with social interaction and interpreting others’ emotions, or preferring to stick to a fixed routine. However, as autism is a spectrum condition, individual traits will differ from person to person.

Do you have any symptoms of Autism?

The following online adult autism test helps identify whether you have any traits of autism. The questions look to see if you have any difficulty dealing with social situations, understanding aspects of language, multi-tasking, and more.

Why is it worth taking our online autism test?

While this quiz is not a diagnosis for autism, the test can give you an indication of whether you have traits of autism. If you score highly on this quiz, you may wish to speak to your GP about arranging a formal diagnosis.

A diagnosis can help you to access the support you need and can help explain to others what this support should be.

Take this quick online Autism test now...

Answer the questions below

The information provided on this website is for educational purposes only, Questions are from 'The Adult Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ) '. Please only use this as an indicator, it is not an official diagnosis. Do you understand this is not a diagnosis?

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Before we begin, do you have any of the following?

I prefer sticking to a specific routine or schedule in my daily life

I find it challenging to understand the emotions and intentions of others.

I tend to have intense interests or hobbies that I dedicate a lot of time to.

I often prefer spending time alone rather than being in social settings.

I have difficulty adapting to changes in plans or unexpected events.

I find it challenging to make small talk or engage in casual conversations.

I am highly sensitive to sensory stimuli like noise, light, or textures. Example: You jump when your hear a loud noise or you dont like certain foods because of their texture.

I prefer following a specific order or sequence when performing tasks or activities.

I tend to take things literally and have difficulty understanding sarcasm or humor.

I have a strong attention to detail and notice things that others often miss. Example: you remember a phone numbers or what someone said in an early morning meeting.

I find it challenging to navigate and understand social dynamics in groups.

I prefer having a predictable and structured environment in my daily life.

I have specific routines or rituals that I follow to feel more comfortable.

I am highly focused on my own thoughts and ideas.

I have a strong preference for order and organisation in my surroundings.

I find it difficult to understand and express my emotions effectively.

I have a tendency to hyperfocus on specific tasks or activities.

I prefer communicating in written form rather than verbally.

I have a heightened sensitivity to certain tastes, textures, or smells. Example: you don't enjoy sour or spicy foods

I find it challenging to initiate or maintain friendships or relationships.

I enjoy spending time engaged in repetitive or specialised activities. 📚 Example: You like reading about a certain topic.

I have a strong need for consistency in my routines. You tend to feel more relaxed when you are doing your usual routine.

I tend to have difficulty understanding social cues and norms.

I have a strong attention to patterns or details in my environment.

I find it challenging to multitask or switch between different tasks or activities.

Before we proceed to your results, do you understand that the outcome of this quiz is not a diagnosis?This question is required.**

The questions on this pre-diagnostic assessment are designed to stimulate a starting point in whether or not you would be interested in an official diagnostic assessment for Autism. Please only use this as an indicator, it is not an official diagnosis. The assessments on this website are not intended to diagnose any condition. Do you understand?

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Based on 49 reviews
Jacob Sims
Jacob Sims
3 April 2023
Fantastic organisation that provided me with a very suitable career coach. Would recommend to the community in a heartbeat.
David Conran
David Conran
26 November 2022
Nat from Exceptional Individuals delivered a talk at a recent industry day I attended in London. To say I immensely enjoyed his presentation is an understatement, it was incredibly eye opening and has completely changed my thinking towards individuals who fall into the category of Neurodivergent. I have reached out to Nat for further training opportunities with our staff and Nat has been extremely helpful
Nicole Burstein
Nicole Burstein
2 November 2022
Always impressed with Exceptional Individuals. This is the second time we've had them in, and this time to speak to our managers. A wonderful, engaging session, and Nat is a great presenter.
Caroline O'Keeffe
Caroline O'Keeffe
5 October 2022
Nat Hawley joined us on a community event for HR professionals on building an autism friendly workplace. We had excellent feedback on how helpful and inspiring Nat was. It's clear that the service Exceptional Individuals offer to organisations is invaluable.
L Fisher
L Fisher
19 August 2022
So grateful for the opportunity to get fully funded coaching. Being neurodivergent in a neurotypical world can feel very isolating at times. It makes a huge difference knowing there are services like EI who are there to support.
Joan Laine
Joan Laine
27 July 2022
If you are looking for support for adult neurodiversity, ASD, dyspraxia, dyslexia, ADHD or any of the other related disorders, Exceptional Individuals will fully support you on your journey. One year ago, I thought that all of those disorders were only relevant to children. Exceptional Individuals helped me on the journey of understanding what it means to be diagnosed as neurodiverse as an adult . I discovered that there are companies that specialise in helping neurodivergent people through the recruitment process. And they also help you if you are already employed and need help. Nat Hawley, his amazing team and partners fully understand our journey as the majority of team are neurodiverse themselves. If you need help, information or workplace assessments you cannot find a better place to get everything that you need.
Matthew Gordon
Matthew Gordon
31 May 2022
Exceptional Individuals are a fantastic organisation that offer support to neurodivergent adults in employment and recruitment. They helped me a lot and I would 100% recommend their services to others who experience difficulties in the aforementioned areas.
Chris Shutt
Chris Shutt
26 May 2022
We've had an excellent experience with Exceptional Individuals. Their founder Matt came and did a talk about Neurodiversity in the workplace covering how we as an organisation can best support our team. A number of our staff have now reached out to Exceptional Individuals and are in receipt of specialist guidance and support which is helping them with their day to day work. We'll definitely be using them again in the future.
Leah Godfrey
Leah Godfrey
19 May 2022
Extremely insightful, informative and eye-opening workshops - the work of Exceptional Individuals is having an incredible impact on individuals and workplaces alike. They truly are making the world a better place!
Dasos Evangeli
Dasos Evangeli
4 April 2022
Great company and people who are knowledgeable, informative and helpful in the are of Neurodiversity. Great workshops and support.


Test results indicate Autism? you can schedule a Workplace Needs Assessment

We want to be very clear that these tests are not a diagnosis. However, you don’t need to have a formal diagnosis to get a free autism workplace needs assessment.

The workplace needs assessment lasts up to an hour, where you will be asked questions about your strengths and weaknesses. The assessor will then put in place recommendations on how to support you best in your place of work.

To see if you are eligible for a free autism workplace needs assessment, fill out our enquiry form today. 

If you are from the U.S.A you can download
our e-guide on Autism diagnosis 

If your results from your autism quiz showed signs of someone who has a significant number of autistic traits or tendencies

This indicates that seeking further testing from a healthcare professional is a good idea. To help support you along this journey please refer to our e-guide linked below.

U.S.A Autism e-guide

The e-guide covers a range of useful topics along your journey from what to do now, right through to support with diagnosis before and after your assessment.

What else should I do if the test suggests I could be autistic?

  • Don't panic, autism affects more than 700,000 in the UK.
  • Read some trustworthy resources to find out more about autism.  
  • Speak to friends and family.
  • Talk to your employer if you feel comfortable.
  • Contact your GP and think about getting a formal diagnosis if you're comfortable doing so.

After taking the autism test, how do I get a real diagnosis?

  • See Your GP: Discuss symptoms and concerns.
  • Get Referred: If needed, the GP will refer you to a specialist where you can further talk about issues you are facing.
  • Assessment: A team of experts will assess you through tests and interviews.
  • Diagnosis: You'll get a formal report and post-diagnosis support options to help you learn more about your diagnosis and measures that can be put in place to support you.
  • Ongoing Support: Includes professionals and support groups. We have a group which you may be interested in joining here.
  • Testing is free on the NHS but can have long wait times. Private options are quicker but costly.

Autism Test FAQs

Is the autism test accurate?

The test is only an indicator based on questions that will also be asked in a clinical setting. It's important to emphasise that our Autism quiz has a simplified scoring system and interpretation and should only be utilised in conjunction with a professional evaluation by a qualified healthcare provider. They can assist in identifying potential symptoms, but a comprehensive assessment by a healthcare professional is necessary for an accurate diagnosis.

What does the autism test involve?

The test will get you to answer 50 statements where you will be asked about your level of agreement or disagreement with each statement on a scale.

How long does the autism test take?

The test takes around 4 minutes to complete.