Autism Test for Adults

Take our online adult autism test and see whether you have any traits of autism.


Who is this autism quiz for?

This autism test is suited to adults who think they may experience traits of autism, such as difficulty with social interaction and interpreting others’ emotions, or preferring to stick to a fixed routine. However, as autism is a spectrum condition, individual traits will differ from person to person.

Do you have any symptoms of Autism?

The following online adult autism test helps identify whether you have any traits of autism. The questions look to see if you have any difficulty dealing with social situations, understanding aspects of language, multi-tasking, and more.

Why is it worth taking an online autism test?

While this quiz is not a diagnosis for autism, the test can give you an indication of whether you have traits of autism. If you score highly on this quiz, you may wish to speak to your GP about arranging a formal diagnosis.

A diagnosis can help you to access the support you need and can help explain to others what this support should be.

Take this quick online Autism test now...