Neurodivergent Tests

We have quizzes for lots of different neurodivergent conditions. Check if you have any traits of these learning differences.


We Have a Large Collection of Free Quizzes...

...that see whether you have traits of learning difference. You can take the online tests to see if you have neurodivergence, such as dyslexia or dyspraxia, or for others that are less documented, such as dyscalculia and dysgraphia. Check out all our quizzes below:

Our Quiz Library

Please note: the tests are not for diagnosis, just to indicate whether you may have traits of that neurodiversity. If you score highly, consider contacting your GP to arrange a diagnosis.

Dyspraxia Quiz

Hyperlexia Quiz

Irlen Syndrome Quiz

Synesthesia Quiz

Tourette's Syndrome Quiz

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