Managing Neurodiverse Employees in the Workplace

We offer expert support for our partners’ neurodivergent employees.

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Neurodiverse Employee In-Work Support Mentoring

We provide mentoring for our partners’ neurodivergent staff. The sessions are based around the outcome of the Workplace Needs Assessment, which is used to establish how mentoring would be most beneficial for the employee. Through one-to-one sessions and development plans, ecan help your employees harness their unique abilities and perform in their roles.

Our mentors are neurodivergent and offer the benefit of lived experience. We typically offer four one-hour sessions, held virtually or occasionally at the place of employment.

Memory Improvement

This training involves teaching your employees techniques to improve their memory retention. These may involve using visuals, physical tools, or communication skills to request help from others.

Organisation Methods

Organisation can be a challenge for neurodivergent people. We can help your employees better organise their work schedule - including using digital tools and setting reminders.

Time Management

Time management is a crucial aspect of many jobs. There are a variety of ways that can help people become better at managing their time. We help your employee to identify suitable techniques to help them improve their time management.


Confidence is something that a lot of neurodivergent people can lack. We work with people to build their confidence, and how to assert themselves in an appropriate manner in the workplace.

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