Jobs for ADHD

Struggling for career ideas...why not read about good jobs for ADHD?


What jobs are good for ADHD?

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a form of neurodivergence that can feature inattentiveness, impulsivity and hyperactivity. However, if harnessed correctly, these behaviours can make people with ADHD ideal for some jobs.

Those with ADHD can bring energy and new approaches to the work environment, especially when reasonable adjustments are in place to support them. Check out some strengths of people with ADHD below and what jobs they are commonly good for...


When interested, people with ADHD can be very focused on and committed to specific projects and tasks, making them super efficient!


The imaginative and busy minds of those with ADHD allows for original ideas and novel solutions to problems, time after time!


Despite periods of low energy, people with ADHD also have bursts of speed, enthusiasm and determination!


The fearless and sometimes irrational approach that those with ADHD can often exhibit leads to bold, innovative ideas!

Examples of good jobs for people with ADHD

These strengths provide people with ADHD a valuable set of skills that can be useful in many job roles. They are able to work efficiently and with accuracy, something regarded highly in certain roles, and can offer diverse perspectives on complex problems due to their logical approach to situations.

So, what are good jobs for people with ADHD?

Graphic Designer:
Creativity, innovation and enthusiasm combine to make people with ADHD fantastic graphic designers. The ability to explain the vast ideas that run through their heads in visual form offers a platform for them to embrace their neurodivergence and create amazing graphics.

The enthusiasm associated with ADHD also makes them brilliant teachers, encouraging and motivating students through their approach. Having the creativity to design interesting lesson also matches up well with a teacher role.

Computer Technician:
Hyperfocus is a unique skill for those with ADHD and is no better harnessed than when in an important technical role. IT technicians frequently requires this level of attention, and creativity to solve problems, making it a great role for someone with ADHD to develop in.

The creativity and innovation traits allow ADHD people to come up with interesting ideas and concepts, making them ideal people to concoct new recipes and meals as a chef, and deal with the often chaotic setting of a restaurant kitchen!