Language Consultation

In January 2022, we conducted a consultation on our use of language about neurodiversity.

A Note on Language

Our vision is to create understanding, opportunities and an inclusive culture for neurodiverse individuals everywhere.

When Exceptional Individuals began, neurodiversity wasn’t a phrase that was well known or understood. We acknowledge that the words and phrases used to articulate neurodiversity are ever-evolving and that there is a vast variety of personal preferences.

80% of our team are neurodiverse and have faced many of the challenges our beneficiaries encounter. We choose our language with care and from personal experience. We are also aware that there might be disparities between our words and yours.

If any of the language on our website doesn’t sit quite right with you, please do not hesitate to contact us and we are happy to hear your feedback.

Our Language Consultation

This consultation supports our language use and policies which reflect the preferences of our valued community.

We surveyed our team and our community and received over 70 responses.

We asked general questions on disability, neurodiversity, and neurodivergence specific questions.

While all questions were open to respondents, we have conducted detailed analysis to prioritise the comments about specific neurodiversities, made by the people with those neurodiversities.

Next Steps

In light of the results of our language preferences survey, we will update our language policies and language used on our website and social media.

We acknowledge that language preferences can be personal and we respect the different perspectives within our communities. However you chose to describe yourself and your neurodiversity, we will endeavor to use your preferred language when you access our services such as mentoring, coaching, or workplace needs assessments.

Interested in the language we use?

Give us a call on 0208 133 6046.