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Our Previous Work With Neurodiverse Employers


Aviva approached us in 2019 with two main objectives: to provide support to their neurodiverse staff and to reach a new talent pool of neurodiverse individuals.

Aviva wanted to find individuals who could bring a different way of thinking to the organisation and offer unique solutions to problems within their workforce. They embraced the training required to fully utilise the neurodiverse talent they were now attracting, in order to ensure their new and current neurodiverse staff are able to thrive in the workplace.

We delivered neurodiversity training & webinars on neurodiversity to staff at Aviva, and provide training on how to attract neurodiverse talent. We also created The Aviva Resources Hub and created a helpline for anyone within the organisation to ask questions or seek extra support. Find out more about our work with Aviva by reading the case study.


We started working with Ryman 2018, when they approached us for support in improving how they recruited neurodiverse talent.

More than ever, workforces are struggling to recruit and retain top talent. At the same time, current common employment practices prevent many neurodiverse people entering employement, despite their proven ability.

For our economy to move forward, we need our top companies to have access to a wider application pool and the power of neurodiverse minds.

We partnered with Ryman to use neurodiversity as a solution to three barriers they were facing: not having access to the neurodiverse talent pool, improving turnover rates, improving their neurodiversity recruitment practices.


We initially partnered with Roche Pharmaceuticals in January 2018. Roche were already a diverse and inclusive company, but they wanted to give something back by creating new opportunities for the neurodiverse community and ensuring their recruitment processes were not a barrier to employing neurodiverse talent.

Our neurodiverse team conducted neurodiversity audits of Roche's recruitment processes, both online and offline, and the culture of the organisation.

We also held anemployment conference with Roche in 2018, following the great work we did helping them with our audits earlier in the year. Find out more about the outcome of our work with Roche by reading the case study.

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