Hyperlexia Test

Take our Hyperlexia quiz (below) to see whether you have any traits of Hyperlexia.


Do you have any traits of Hyperlexia?

Our Hyperlexia quiz helps to see if you have any traits of Hyperlexia. There are a number of questions throughout the quiz that ask you questions regarding social skills, reading abilty, and other areas.

Please note that the quiz is just to see if you have any traits of Hyperlexia- it does not diagnose Hyperlexia. Unfortunately, we don't have the capabilities to offer diagnosis. If you score highly on the Hyperlexia quiz, we would recommend speaking to your GP.

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What is Hyperlexia?

Hyperlexia is a fascination for letters and numbers. They have innate ability to decode or sound out words very quickly and are commonly known as “super readers”. They generally have very good auditory and visual memory. While they can really well, they may have communication or speaking skills that are below their age level. Reading comprehension can be difficult for some hyperlexias.

A person with Hyperlexia is excellent at memorizing, quick to learn rules and patterns.

Common challenges of Hyperlexia:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Social cues
  • Understanding and / or answering who? why? what? when? where? and how? questions
  • Sleep
  • Handwriting assignments / projects

"I don’t always understand what I read."

"People always complain that I misunderstand what they say."

"I love watching game shows."

Common Hyperlexia strengths

Good visual and auditory memory

This is like the superpower of someone who is hyperlexic. This ability is something they were born with. They remember almost everything that they read or hear.

Problem Solvers

Just by being diverse, the way they approach a problem is different. Most times this means that solution is very creative or out of the box.

Linguistic abilities

They are very good at learning and picking up a new language.

Imaginative / Creative

The creativity is different, they are fundamentally different and therefore what they see and what they come up with is unique. They will see things / patterns in their environment though most of the patterns they see are alpha numeric.

Numerical Abilities

They have an Intense interest in numbers, and this allows them to see numbers in ways someone whom is neuro typical will never see it. This ability also allows them to identify patterns and see patterns in things that are not visible or apparent to the typical person.

Examples of good jobs for people with Hyperlexia

  • Researcher
  • Analysts
  • Banking and Finance
  • Musician
  • Anthropology
  • Archeology
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