C-Pen Reader – review

C-Pen Reader pen being used on an exam paper

Quick overview:

The Pros

– The scanning pen is a useful tool for those who struggle to read but may not be very computer savvy or whose work is more hands on.

– It can aid those with dyslexia.

– Another plus is the built-in dictionary that can provide definitions.

The Cons

– It is limited to small font.

– It may not be that useful for more mild dyslexia or in an office setting where you always have access to a computer.

The video review:

C-Pen Reader: Full review

Some assistive technologies can feel like a luxury item. It can make your work-life more comfortable, but if taken away, would you be able to manage? The scanning pen can be crucial for somebody with severe dyslexia. You can read printed text aloud, line by line.

The scanning pen is easy to learn for a novice of electronics. All you need to do is glide over the row of text you need to read, and it will speak it out clearly in a natural-sounding speech. The device has a modest screen that displays the scanned words.

There are two choices for playback: the basic, built-in speaker or the earphone port. Both ways work great, but if you are in a workplace setting the headphones are the best option.

The device is excellent for a few different types of people, those with dyslexia, and those with retention challenges.

The C-Pen is thin and compact, It is also easy to use with small font. It can struggle with titles, for example, larger font.

The device is only as good as the source material. We have found that a simple plain background with clear text works nearly 100% of the time. Reading shiny paper/laminated, however, can be an issue.

As well as reading, the pen can be used to store scanned text; you can even transfer it to your computer after. Saving your scanned words can be an excellent way to remember sentences. The pen can also act as a memory stick to store files should you need to.

The scanning pen is rechargeable; the charge lasted over a week with near-continuous use. To charge all you need is a micro USB cable, the same as most Android phones (Not Apple).


The C-Pen can be a game-changing tool for those with severe dyslexia and those with more manual jobs.

Score = 8/10

To find out if you are eligible for a government grant which may be able to provide you assistive technology like the C-Pen, please see here.