How to Find a Career that Suits Your Neurodivergence

Source: Genius `Within

How to Find a Career that Suits Your Neurodivergence


Have you ever wondered how you can pursue a career, but your neurodivergence is holding you back? Here are our top tips on how to find a career that will suit your neurodivergence:


Source: Genius `Within


Know your spiky profile


According to Genius Within, a spiky profile is a chart that displays IQ going upwards and cognitive abilities going across as well as peaks and troughs. These peaks and troughs represent your strengths and weaknesses. For example, a neurodivergent individual may have strengths in creativity and problem-solving but have weaknesses in time management and planning tasks. The chart has a steadier zig-zag line to represent a neurotypical person’s strengths and weaknesses while the peaks and troughs to represent a neurodivergent person’s strengths and weaknesses are considerably higher and lower.


In the Exceptional Individuals video where Nat Hawley explains what neurodivergence is, he shows another example of a spiky profile. He illustrates that a neurotypical person is quite good at reading and writing and is all right with problem-solving; however, a person with dyslexia might find reading hard, but have good creativity skills. Nat suggests that a person of neurodivergence works on their low points before working upwards on their high points.


Look for a job where you can embrace your strengths


People of different types of neurodivergence have different strengths that they can use to flourish in ideal jobs. For example, someone who has autism could have excellent attention to detail, be super-efficient, have good logical thinking and amazing ability to retain information. Ideal jobs for people on the autistic spectrum can include web development, designing content, manufacturing goods, communications management and sorting data.


Refer to our inclusive employers blog post


Please read this blog post to find out which companies have signed up to the Disability Confident Scheme and which ones have a special diversity and inclusion statement on their websites: (insert link here)


Visit our website for new job listings especially for neurodivergent people


When our new-look website launches, go to our Neurodiverse Jobs Board in the For Candidates drop-down menu. There are job listings by companies we have worked with such as Ryman and Roche.


Book a 1:1 session at Exceptional Individuals


If you need help with finding a career that suits your neurodivergence, you can book a 1:1 session to see any of our team, who will happily discuss any potential options with you.

Think about what other neurodivergents have achieved in their roles


Richard Branson, who has dyslexia and ADHD, has used his entrepreneurship skills to his advantage by founding the Virgin company while Florence Welch, who has dyspraxia, has embraced her creativity as the lead vocalist of Florence + the Machine for example.




Genius Within blog post Positive Assessment goes National that shows an example of a spiky profile:


Exceptional Individuals YouTube video – Exceptional Individuals: What is Dyslexia? What is Neurodivergence?:


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