Neurodiversity Webinars

Join Exceptional Individuals for our weekly webinar series.

About the sessions

Every Thursday at noon GMT be a part of our mission in removing barriers and raising aspirations in the workplace for those with dyslexia, autism, dyspraxia and ADHD.

Our expert-by-experience-led sessions are interactive, relaxed and highly personal.

We explore topics from 'What is Neurodiversity' to the 'Science of Dyslexia' and the 'History of Autism', to name a few.

The 1-hour webinars are aimed at all levels, from a neurodivergent individual who wants to learn more about how their mind works to a professional-looking to understand and support their team effectively.

All webinars are 100% free to individuals looking for personal development.

Individuals linked to a professional organisation are required to contribute a sustainability fee.