Kinga Kubiak

Head of Operations


Lived Experience

I am neurodivergent. I have been with EI since January 2021. I have an MA degree in Gender Studies and I used to deliver art tours and workshops to neurodivergent adults and then became a senior support worker working closely with young adults who had Asperger's Syndrome. My passion was always to help people understand their strengths and not be afraid of who they are. My other passion is being organised and making sure things are done correctly and on time. Exceptional Individuals empowered me to combine both of my passions into my role, which makes me quite proud of working with EI.

What I Do

As the Head of Operations I am making sure EI is running smoothly. My support starts with our candidates and clients and finishes with our EI team. I am always there to help to make sure all our support is delivered on time. I know pretty much everything about EI and its logistics, so if there are any questions - I know the answer (or I know who to ask!).

I am in charge of EI Recruitment. It brings me joy and excitement to find suitable candidates for a particular job. Being a recruiter allows me to create this kind of special relation with the candidates which helps me get to know each individual and then match their set of skills with a new career path.

I also conduct Workplace Needs Assessments, which enable me to offer my guidance and support to the individual.

Some of my clients:

Universal Music

Hi Kinga, Thank you so so so much for all the help and support, I never thought I’d be able to go through a hiring process smoothly. Thank you!!!!


Hi Kinga, Thanks so much :) (...) Really couldn’t have gotten this far without you! Let me know if you need to be looped into anything.