Timothy Lang

Head of delivery


Lived Experience

I am neurodivergent; Dyslexia and Dyspraxia – Adult (late) diagnosis.

What I Do

I Support the delivery of and “decision making” around: Needs Assessments, Employee Support, Coaching and Mentoring.

I am also the Lead of the team responsible for Audits.

I'm mostly involved with the post-hiring activity, I have high involvement with the internal team, individual employee’s and self-employed individuals, as well as direct client/employer contact.

Style – 3 key principles


Engagement is key regardless of the task but there is no one size fits all, so determining what fits the situation at the time is key.


Sometimes particular responsibilities never feel finished, in which case they will never get finished if we stop trying.


The idea that things can only work one way or that we should automatically copy whatever the majority is doing is something that I have never been able to manage.

Some of my clients:

Some areas that I have worked with:

Music and Media production
Science and Medical
Development and distribution
Banks and Finance