Aviva and neurodiversity

We help our 18 million customers to save for the future and manage the risks of everyday life. To give these customers the best possible products and service we know we must make Aviva the most attractive choice for talented, entrepreneurial people with diverse backgrounds and an evolving range of expertise and insight.

So, we’re passionate about helping our 29,500 people to do the best work of their lives, to enable them to make a positive difference to the lives of our customers.

Spotlight Jobs at Aviva

Inbound Customer Advisor

We want you to provide the very best service with performance measured in line with Aviva’s values; Care, Commitment, Community and Confidence. In other words, it’s the quality of the personalised service you provide that we’re interested in. There is a lot to learn but don’t worry, through great training and coaching you’ll be well prepared to support the needs of our customers and financial advisers.

    Customer Service Expert

    We want you to provide the very best service with performance measured in line with Aviva’s values; Care, Commitment, Community and Confidence. In other words, it’s the quality of the personalised service you provide that we’re interested in. There is a lot to learn but don’t worry, through great training and coaching you’ll be well prepared to support the needs of our customers and financial advisers.

      Equity Release Manager

      You will be responsible for providing high quality and flexible support to the Hof Securitisation in a range of areas that may include leading on specific initiatives relating to securitisation of ERMs, funding for the ERM portfolio, ongoing management including new issuance of the securitisation of UKLAP ERM business, and the ongoing management of ERFs and building society deals.

        London Markets Quality Test Lead

        We have an exciting opportunity for a Senior Test Lead within our Release and Test team, aligned to the Global Corporate Specialty business, working on initiatives in our London Market platforms and products. The successful candidate will be responsible for delivering business critical projects, managing test planning, writing, and executing tests, deployment & co-ordination across multiple release cycles, platforms, third parties and businesses together with working across RT&E on transformation innovation activities. The role requires candidates with a broad insight across products and systems used within our Aviva GI Business, together with knowledge of automation frameworks and tools.

          Internal Audit - Information Officer

          You will be responsible for supporting the running and production of group wide performance reports, the production of function wide communications aligned to group strategy, and delivering and leading on functional efficiency change projects. You will also support with the running of the functional systems of records, and will be a go to person and brand ambassador for the global team when supporting key objectives and operations of the Function.

            Aviva's Values

            Understanding Aviva’s values and being able to showcase how you align yourself to their values is incredibly important. It is an immediate way that recruiters and hiring managers screen out people who are unlikely to fit into the wider culture of their team.


            Because we understand the positive difference we make in our customers’ lives every day. We truly listen to see beyond the policyholder to a person with plans and dreams. We solve problems for our customers, and for each other. We build relationships that no-one else can. Empathy is our strongest force.


            Because we stand up for what we believe in. We act with courage, keep our promises and take ownership of our work. We understand the impact we have on the world and take seriously the responsibility that brings with it.We will play our part in tackling the climate crisis. We commit to a better tomorrow.


            Because we recognise the strength that comes from working as one team, collaborating and winning together for Aviva, for each other and for our customers. Aviva is built on a foundation of trust and respect. Our strength comes from our connection – to each other, to our customers and partners and to the communities around us.


            Because we believe that the best is still to come – for our customers, our people, and society. We’re not just here for now; we’re here to imagine and to innovate for the future, creating value for customers and shareholders. We are brave and passionate, setting new standards for ourselves and the competition. With a humility that is as important as the ambition that drives us.

            Aviva Application Process

            It is important to do your research to understand Aviva’s recruitment process and the preparation needed for each stage of the hiring process. Below, we have outlined below the general recruitment steps for Aviva and guidance on how you can position yourself as a strong candidate every step of Aviva’s application process.

            Step 1 - Apply for the job

            Once you click on apply the vacancy page you will be taken to a workday page where
            You will be asked to do the following;

            - Update your CV
            - Put in your contact information
            - Social Media links (if applicable)
            - Put in details on background information


            Get your application in early

            if the job has lots of applicants it may close early. Get your application in as soon as you can! If you need some additional support with your CV, I recommend sending your CV to us here.

            Disability disclosure

            Tick the Neurodiverse Box. According to the anti-discrimination act if a company is asking for whether you have a disability on their application this can only be for the following reasons
            - there are necessary requirements of the job that cannot be met with reasonable adjustments
            - you’re finding out if someone needs help to take part in a selection test or interview
            - you’re using ‘positive action’ to recruit a disabled person

            Reasonable adjustments:

            If you need an alternative way of applying as a neurodiverse candidate Aviva can arrange this. You can find a phone number and email address in each job description. Contact this recruiter on the vacancy page for alternative ways to apply. This could include applying with a video CV.

            Step 2 - Telephone Interview

            The recruiter will phone you to discuss your application and the role in more detail.

            This is an opportunity for Aviva to screen out candidates, and decide which candidates should go forward to further interviews.

            This is the first chance that Aviva gets to see what you can bring to the role, and to understand your enthusiasm. It’s also a great opportunity to find out more about the role, and make sure it’s right for you!

            What might be included:
            - Questions on your CV and your application
            - What is driving you to apply for this role
            - Your motivation for joining Aviva
            - Your values and beliefs

            TIPS AND SUPPORT

            Prepare, prepare, prepare

            are you able to go into more detail on your CV and your application? Spend some time reminding yourself what you’ve learned from your past experiences.

            Ask Questions

            Do you have any questions for them about the job? Remember, at this stage you’re interviewing them as much as they’re interviewing you!

            Look at the Aviva Values

            You can find these on this page. Think about how you can demonstrate these values.

            Step 3 - Psychometric tests

            Psychometric tests can include numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, critical thinking or situational judgement.

            TIPS AND SUPPORT

            Practice lots - If you want to be able to get a good score on your test the best thing is to practice as much as possible. Here are some links for reputable psychometric tests to use as practice.


            Get in touch with us

            use the form at the end of this page if you aren’t sure what adjustments you need.

            Reasonable Adjustments

            You can ask for these at any stage of the process. If you think you need adjustments, such as extra time, dictation software, or reading materials in advance, you should get in touch with the contact on the job description, who can help you get the adjustments that you need.


            Dear ___
            I have applied for [x] position and am incredibly excited about the opportunity. I am through to the online testing phase.
            As a neurodiverse candidate I often find these tests difficult and would appreciate [extra time][testing via phone][reading materials in advance of the test].
            Please could you help me to arrange this ahead of taking the test.

            Many thanks,
            [Your name]


            Step 4 - Face to Face Interview

            Depending on your role you will likely be asked to do at least one face to face interview with one or two people from the organisation.

            What might be included:

            - Competency Questions
            - Situational Based Questions
            - Motivational Questions
            - Work Based Task

            The type of questions asked may vary according to the role level i.e. for specialised roles you are likely to be asked more competency based questions than entry-level.

            Face to face Interview

            TIPS AND SUPPORT

            Prepare in advance

            Spend some time considering questions that may come up and how to best present your previous experience in the interview.

            Some common interview questions might be;

            Tell us why you want this job.
            Tell us why you want to work for Aviva.
            Tell us about a time you have found a new and improved way of doing something.
            Tell us about a time you have worked collaboratively to achieve something.

            Practice answers in the mirror

            This can help you get used to your answers.

            Aviva values

            Make sure that all your interview answers clearly showcase how you align to Aviva’s values.

            For more tips and questions have a look at these links:



            Career Paths

            Types of careers at aviva

            • Actuarial
            • Customer Service
            • Digital and IT
            • Finance
            • Human Resources
            • Legal
            • Marketing
            • Procurement
            • Risk
            • Sales & Distribution
            • Underwriting

            Support Available

            Workplace needs assessments

            Workplace Needs Assessments provide the opportunity for an employee to express their experiences of work related barriers. A report is then produced to inform and educate Management and HR providing clear recommendations of reasonable adjustments.

            Book a Workplace Needs Assessment

            Interim support

            There are many occasions when a one-off intervention or support arrangement may be required. This can include scribing or supporting during an assessment or interview for specific candidates. It may be necessary to provide a workshop or seminar for colleagues in order to inform them of specific traits or behaviours that may be present and how best to assist the individual to reach their potential.

            Book Interim Support

            Assistive technology and training

            There is a host of technology specifically designed to handle difficulties such as:

            • Speech-to-text to allow people to express themselves more fluidly and scribe easily.
            • Text-to-speech to assist with reading and comprehension and to aid with retention.
            • Automated spelling correction to assist with speed of scribing and help with proof-reading.
            • Mind Mapping for information to be presented in a more visual and readable manner.
            • Smart devices for the digitising and transcription of notes which can improve organisation and planning.
            • Recording devices to help capture innovative ideas and to assist memory.

            You can book one here

            Personal mentoring for the improvement of fundamental skills.

            We all have strengths and weaknesses. It can be very beneficial to chat things through with a mentor. Personal coaching or mentoring can assist with developing more robust strategies for addressing those less developed skill areas. Roche has a mentoring scheme available to all employees and Occupational Health experts for specific work-place improvements/adjustments. These employees are trained to support individuals with their individual needs, ranging from how to talk to colleagues and line managers through to time management and scheduling

            You can book one here

            Disclosure and self-advocacy

            Disclosing to your HR department can be a key step in order to ensure that you have access to support and services. Even if you did not disclose face-to-face or explain on any initial Occupational Health documentation, it is never too late to inform HR of Neurodiversity just so that they are already aware if it becomes relevant in the future.

            Disclosing to line management is highly recommended because it will allow you to candid in scheduled catch-ups. It will no longer be so out of place to express an issue or as embarrassing to request an unscheduled chat. This approach is just as helpful to line managers because it gives them the opportunity to appropriately address some issues that may otherwise be handled indelicately.

            Disclosing to colleagues often occurs naturally over time but if a critical issue occurs before that point, the disclosure process can feel forced or negative. Even if your specific Neurodiversity is not shared, it can be a great help to inform others of any issues so that they can learn or understand any differences.

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