What is a Spikey Profile

The spikey profile is a concept derived from the educational sector and acts as a visual representation of the identification of personal work-related strengths and barriers/areas for development.

Its name is derived from the fact that skill level or ease of performance tends to be either high or low per category rather than down the middle, particularly regarding those with learning differences.

The purpose is to outline and highlight factors that may have an impact on your personal career journey in order to best play to your strengths and further develop in other areas.

As opposed to typical Psychometric testing the aims of this system are in the spirit of inclusivity rather than exclusivity.

Results of your Spikey Profile may be shared with employers. The results will not directly impact your chance of employment, but instead will help the employer understand your strengths and potential development needs.

How it works?

The Quiz consists of approximately 20 questions across 6 categories (Analytical, Relationships, Situational, Numerical, Verbal, Visual), and the results are aggregated to identify the most appropriate profile match.

Even for those with a Neurodiversity such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, AD(H)D or ASD this should be achievable in one sitting.

A visual representation of your results will be presented alongside further information. The Profile itself has 16 points maximum per category and the totals for each category will be displayed along with the profile in order to demonstrate any large differential between particular skills.

The Profile image will appear as a steep range visually as it is set to just show the range that was reached e.g. if all results ranged between 2-6 it will only show the range between 2-6.

6 Potential Profiles

What are the benefits

  • A graphic to represent your strengths and barriers, which can be used to explain your potential learning difference to others
  • Further information on your skills and barriers and potential careers that may be a good fit

What will you get

  • Spikey Graphic – A graphic to explain your results
  • Introduction to your profile
  • A detailed summary of your possible strengths
  • Career Paths – Identification of potential careers and work preferences
  • Challenge Areas – Descriptions of behaviours or situations that are likely to present a barrier
  • Types of work place support that may be available

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The spikey profile is not designed with mobile devices in mind, please use a device with a larger screen to start or view your profile.

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