LinkedIn Masterclass Workshop

Check out our course on mastering LinkedIn. Find out how to use one of the best recruitment tools!


What is the LinkedIn Masterclass workshop about?

Welcome to our online course on mastering LinkedIn. Using social media can be a great way of putting your name out there, and engaging with employers to expand your network - and none work better than LinkedIn.

For tips on how best to set up your Linked In page, how to find work using LinkedIn, and how to make yourself stand-out, check out our online workshop. Our four-step course tells you all you need to know to master LinkedIn as a neurodivergent individual.

Check out the different lessons and what they feature...


What is LinkedIn

Understand more about LinkedIn, including its purpose, what opportunities it presents and why you should already be on it!

General LinkedIn Tips

So how best can you use LinkedIn? Check out some general tips on how to build a strong profile, increase your network and more.


How to find work on LinkedIn

Once you are set up on LinkedIn, we can start looking at how to use it to find inclusive employers and good job roles for you!

10 ways to make a success of LinkedIn

So how can you use your neurodivergent profile to make a success of LinkedIn. We round off the course with the top 10 ways to succeed!

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