Public Speaking Workshop

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What is the Public Speaking workshop about?

Welcome to our online course on how to improve your public speaking. This course, featuring a series of our YouTube videos, was created to try and help neurodiverse people with public speaking - improving their confidence and teaching them how to adapt their speeches for specific audiences.

Does speaking in front of people make you nervous? Is holding a workshop or training session your worst nightmare? Do you hate having to deliver presentations? If so, then this course could be perfect for you. Throughout this ‘Public Speaking’ online workshop, you will pick up lots of skills to help you improve your presentation skills and use your neurodiversity an advantage.

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Using your neurodivergence to your advantage

In the first part of the public speaking course, we introduce you to the workshop and you learn how to view your neurodivergence as a strength, rather than a weakness.

Master your body language

What does your body language say about you? Learn to think about how you present yourself and what your posture, or facial expressions, could be saying to the audience.

Learn how to use gestures

Being a good speaker isn’t just about what you say. Having lively hand gestures can really help keep an audience’s attention and deliver your speech or presentation with some added energy.

Using numbers and statistics

Backing up your speech with statistics is always a good way to give your presentation more authority. This lesson looks at how to use them the ideal amount to achieve the effect.

Being credible

It is important for your audience to believe in what you are saying. There are certain ways in which you can phrase things and structure your arguments to enhance the credibility of your presentation – find out!

Making your voice sound stronger

There are also lots of language techniques that can enhance your speech. Repetition, triplets and strong adjectives all help to make your speech sound stronger. Find out how to use these.

Different types of public speaking

Depending on your situation and audience, the way in which you deliver your speech can vary. Here we review different public speaking techniques and assess which would be best for different situations.

Delivering speeches

Speeches are one of the most common types of public speaking, and can really make you stand out to employers. We take you through a good format to stick with when giving a speech.

Putting it into practice

What’s the use in learning all these great hints and tips if you don’t use them?! In this lesson we look at how you can begin to practice what you’ve learnt in the real world.

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