Dyslexia Workplace Support

For inclusive employers with a neurodiverse workforce, we offer support for your employees with dyslexia.


Dyslexia in the Workplace

Dyslexia can affect someone's ability to read or write accurately. People with dyslexia can also experience challenges with information processing, short-term memory and timekeeping.

However, each person with dyslexia has their own unique talents which can include creativity, verbal communication, seeing the big picture, innovation, and the ability to think outside of the box to solve complex problems. We support employers to ensure they are providing an inclusive environment for their employees to thrive and their organisation to grow.

Our Dyslexia Support

At Exceptional Individuals, we provide workplace needs assessments to ensure the working environment and culture is suitable for employees with dyslexia so they can utilise their valuable skills. Employers can access financial support through the Access to Work scheme to cover some, or all, of the costs of implementing our recommendations.

We offer neurodiverse employee support for employees with dyslexia. We help them identify and enhance strengths and work through challenges, giving advice and support on things such as assistive technology and confidence building.

We also provide neurodiversity consultancy services for employers looking to support their employees and make the most of their talent pool.

Top tips for Employers

Harness creativity
People with dyslexia can be incredibly creative, enthusiastic and innovative. Their unique perspective enables them to bring new creative approaches to projects. We recommend working with your employee to identify their talents and contribute their unique ideas.
Communicate differently
People with dyslexia can thrive when they are empowered to do things differently, whether that be using assistive technology or communicating verbally and visually. We recommend shaking up your communication style, limiting long email chains, and discussing ideas as a team.
Minimise distractions
People with dyslexia may prefer to limit distraction in their working environment. This can aid with focus, attention, and memory. Talk openly with your employee about the environment they are working in, and work together to agree on any changes such as desk position, lighting, or clutter, which could make their working environment more comfortable.

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