Autism Consultancy

We support employers through our Autism consultancy, offering help on all things Autistic, from policies to HR guides.


Our consultancy service

At Exceptional Individuals, we know that even with the best will in the world, it can be difficult to be a truly inclusive employer. That is why we support employers through our Autism consultancy, offering policy help, HR guides, and an open communication line.

We can either get you started in becoming more ‘neurodiverse friendly’ or build on our other services, such as audits and the training we provide. This helps to ensure that being inclusive is not treated as a one-time engagement, but a progressive attempt at genuinely improving the inclusivity of your workplace

Interested in using our neurodiverse consultancy service? Give us a call on 0208 133 6046

How to get a job working with autism?

At Exceptional Individuals, we work with employers and neurodivergent candidates to match the right people to the right roles and organisation. We have a database where people with autism can register their CV and interest in applying for a job.

We then help to create a match with employers from well-known companies by making people with autism and other neurodivergent conditions aware of current vacancies which may be of interest to them and which they are welcome to apply to.

If the candidate is successful in securing a job with one of our partner organisations, Exceptional Individuals provide support through coaching sessions and equip candidates with the necessary tools to succeed and overcome the difficulties associated with their autism.

Which companies hire workers with autism?

As a developmental condition that affects social interaction and how individuals perceive the world around them, people on the autism spectrum may either struggle in the working environment or be unsuccessful when applying for jobs.

Despite this, people with autism do have a number of unique strengths that enable them to be productive in the workforce, bringing success not only to the individual, but also to the workplace.

Even though society still has a long way to go in terms of creating an inclusive and neurodiverse workplace, organisations have started to acknowledge the strengths of people with autism. Here at Exceptional Individuals, we work and partner with a number of businesses to not only help them understand the needs and unique qualities of people with autism, but also to help neurodivergent individuals access work.

These organisations include, Universal Music Group, Ford, Kantar, Aviva, Roche pharmaceuticals, the Financial Times and many more. Opportunities range from working in HR, marketing, data and technology, etc.

Which professionals can help with autism?

Autism consultancy involves providing support to organisations in a bid to help employers and neurotypical employees understand and meet the needs of people with autism and the challenges that they may encounter in the workplace.

At Exceptional Individuals, we have a number of employees/volunteers with an interest in the topic of neurodiversity, offering consultancy and assistance on anything to do with neurodiversity, from policy advising to bridging the gap, particularly in communication style between neurodivergent and neurotypical employers/employees.

If an organisation is looking to make their workplace more inclusive, but not sure where or how to begin, Exceptional Individuals can provide continuous training through workshops, presentations and meetings with employers to empower and help them create a neurodiverse friendly culture.

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