Dyslexia Workshops & Workplace Training

We provide Dyslexia workshops and training packages for organisations looking to understand the strength of Dyslexia and upskill their workforce.


Our Dyslexia Workshops and Training

Dyslexia typically affects someone's ability to read or write accurately. People with Dyslexia can also experience challenges with information processing, short-term memory and timekeeping.

However, each person with Dyslexia has their own unique talents which can include creativity, verbal communication, seeing the big picture, innovation, and the ability to think outside of the box to solve complex problems.

In order to cultivate a truly diverse and inclusive workplace, all staff should understand the strengths and challenges of people with Dyslexia. We deliver workshops and training on Dyslexia to educate staff and ensure everyone in your organisation can thrive in their roles.

Why complete dyslexia in the workplace training?

In order to create an inclusive and accommodating work environment, undergoing a dyslexia workshop is highly recommended. This type of training equips employers and employees with the knowledge and tools to understand dyslexia, reduce stigma and foster empathy.

What's more is that it provides practical strategies for improving communication, instruction and task assignments, ensuring that dyslexic individuals can fully contribute and excel in their roles.

By offering this training, organisations can promote diversity, tap into the unique strengths of dyslexic employees, and comply with the legal requirements for reasonable accommodations.

But ultimately, it results in a more productive, innovative, and supportive workplace that values the contributions of all team members, regardless of their abilities.

We offer workshops and training for staff on many topics, including:

We also deliver workshops tailored to your organisation’s needs.

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