Dyspraxia Workshops & Awareness Training

We provide Dyspraxia workshops and training packages for organisations looking to understand the strength of Dyspraxia and upskill their workforce.


Our Dyspraxia Workshops and Training

Dyspraxia typically affects someone's ability to process actions, usually affecting coordination and movement.

However, each person with Dyspraxia has their own unique talents which can include creativity, leadership, motivation, innovation, and compassion.

In order to cultivate a truly diverse and inclusive workplace, all staff should understand the strengths and challenges of people with Dyspraxia. We deliver workshops and training on Dyspraxia to educate staff and ensure everyone in your organisation can thrive in their roles.

Why complete dyspraxia awareness training?

Indeed, completing dyspraxia awareness training is absolutely essential in fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment. It helps individuals, organisations, and communities understand the challenges faced by people with dyspraxia, such as coordination difficulties and sensory sensitivities.

This training promotes empathy and reduces stigma, enabling better communication and collaboration with dyspraxic individuals. It also educates on practical strategies and accommodations that can be implemented to enhance accessibility and productivity in various settings, including the workplace and educational institutions.

But most importantly, dyspraxia awareness training empowers individuals to create a more accepting and accommodating world, ensuring that people with dyspraxia can fully participate and thrive.

We offer workshops and training for staff on many topics, including:

We also deliver workshops tailored to your organisation’s needs.

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