7 Autism Memes We Can Completely Relate To

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Here are some autism memes that we can all relate to:


1. Autism parent cockpit meme

Description: We see a cockpit in an aeroplane and the caption: “Being an autism parent is like flying one of these. For the first time. Without a manual. In the dark. While all the passengers are telling you what you’re doing wrong.”

Explanation/why this meme is relatable: Parents of children who are newly diagnosed with autism are probably those who can relate to this meme the most. They can find it hard to raise a child with a new autism diagnosis and if parents display their ways of bringing up their children in public wrongly without them realising, members of the public can judge them.

2. Did I ever tell you the definition of autism?

Description: We see a man on an island and the caption, “Did I ever tell you the definition of autism?”

Explanation/why this meme is relatable: The man in the meme could be autistic and think that the person he is talking to does not know what autism is.


3. Dogs and people diagnosed with autism

Description: A dog has its paw inside a human’s hand. The word, “Dogs,” is written over the paw and the words, “People diagnosed with autism,” are written over the palm. The words, “Having loud sounds hurt out ears,” appear above the paw and the palm.”

Explanation/why this meme is relatable: Both dogs and autistic people have sensitive hearing, which can make loud sounds extremely painful for them.


4. Bear against vaccines on autistic children

Description: A bear with a crazy expression on its face is accompanied by the following caption: “My SO’S mom refuses to vaccinate her autistic son. What’s going to happen to him, double-autism?”

Explanation/why this meme is relatable: The abbreviation SO stands for significant other in the caption. The bear’s SO could have autism, or the SO could have an autistic brother. The caption is based on the myth that vaccines cause autism, and the bear is worried about the autistic bear getting double autism if he is vaccinated twice.


5. You mean to say your child has autism all year round?

Description: We see a close-up of Shrek’s angry or surprised face and the caption, “You mean to say your child has autism all year round?”

Explanation/why this meme is relatable: This meme could refer to someone who has heard of autism the first time and thinks it’s a temporary illness, but when a parent of an autistic child explains that their child has autism all year round/for life, the person is surprised.


6. You might be an autism parent if…

Description: A young boy is using a laptop. The caption reads, “You might be an autism parent if… Your child can learn more from computers and television than they can from human interaction.”

Explanation/why this meme is relatable: Children with autism can find social interaction difficult, for example when attending school where classes are taught with the teacher facing the pupils, so they can find it easier to learn from websites and television programmes for instance.


7. I never make eye contact with people…

Description: A bear is looking at you, from over a log. The caption reads, “I never make eye contact with people because to me, it’s sensory overload and I can’t pay attention to what they’re saying”

Explanation/why this meme is relatable: People with autism find it difficult to make eye contact with other people. They can also perceive eye contact as sensory overload. Eye contact can also interfere with an autistic person’s attention to what the other person is saying.


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