Top 10 dyslexic hacks

Top 10 Dyslexic Hacks - Headphones are good for keeping focus

Check out our top 10 dyslexic hacks

Living with dyslexia can sometimes feel like the world is out to get you…with our dyslexic hacks – a top ten list of tips, tricks and apps we use every day – hopefully it can help to make your life a whole lot easier!

1) Use audiobooks to improve your reading:

Try reading a book while listening to the audio version at the same time. You can also switch on subtitles on when watching your favourite TV shows.

Recommendation: Audible has a vast collection of audiobooks and offers a 30-day free trial.

2) Change your laptop or smart-phone font

Specific fonts can make it more accessible for people with dyslexia to read digital text on your screen. Different fonts are differently weighted. Having a different font can make the words and symbols more comfortable to read. Altering the background colour of the monitor can also decrease any visual disturbances.


3) Find the right speech recognition software

It will enable you to freely write accurate typed text as well as being able to read any webpage or email.


4) There is an app for that!

Stay up to date with the ever-growing list of apps that can support people with dyslexia. The quality may vary, but once you find the one, it can transform your working life.


5) Recognise the right time to disclose your dyslexia

Remember that dyslexia is nothing to be ashamed of; over 10% of the UK’s population has dyslexia. There are, however, times when disclosing can be difficult.

We recommend doing your research on the companies before. See if they have registered
as a ‘Disability Confident Employer.’

Recommendation: See if the employer is signed up to ‘Disability Confident.

6) Make time for yourself – time management is key!

Time management is an integral part of work and understanding. How to manage your mind means giving extra hours for tasks that may take a considerable time to complete for a person with dyslexia.


  • Todoist for Desktop – Windows / Mac (Reminders and day planner, you can also get plugins for Outlook, Chrome and Gmail).
  • Time Out – Mac / Windows (Break reminder).
  • AppBlock – Android / iPhone (stay focused / beat phone addiction).

7) Know your spikey profile

People with dyslexia typically may not the most skilled readers and writers in the world. Nevertheless, people with dyslexia regularly possess a high IQ and good strategic minds. Finding out the field that you excel in can give you a real strength when applying for higher paid work.

8) Utilise diagrams and mind maps

You might find that it is more natural to treat information as images. You can convert document later. Another way to make information more appealing to your mind is by printing on various colour paper as can make reading the data back more comfortable.


9) Recapture your love of learning

A person with dyslexia in the educational system often will lose their love of education due to the way they are taught in schools. They may exceed in art, for example yet weaker subjects such as English may demotivate them. Find new ways to learn in a way that is right for your brain.


10) Keep Organised

Stress harms everyone in the world of work, but it can be especially challenging if you have a neurodivergent condition. To escape the bewildered feeling, keep organised and achieve your duties carefully.

Staying organised is particularly crucial if you also have a neurodiversity like dyslexia or dyspraxia. If you know you have a taxing task to work on at the start of the day, take your full lunch break after. You can also plan a separate focus for the afternoon to give your mind a chance to recoup.


  • Calendly – helps with scheduling meetings without back and forth emails.
  • LastPass – Never get locked out of your accounts again, perfect if you are forgetful.
  • Google Tasks – A super simple to-do list (Android)

Dyslexic Hacks Bonus) Never quit!

You need to believe in your strengths. Employment can be difficult for neurodiverse people, however, persisting through the education system has made you resilient.

We plan for challenge and the success that comes from overcoming these challenges. Some of the world’s most inspirational people in the world have dyslexia because they never quit!