Meet the Great minds Panel 2022

What are the links between creativity, business and neurodiversity?

At Great Minds Think Different 2022 we want to explore the links between creativity, neurodiversity and business. We have an amazing panel with speakers who each approach the issue in a new and creative way, taking us on a journey through workspace, entrepreneurship, the sciences and more!

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Atif Choudhury – CEO Diversity and Ability

Atif Choudhury is an award-winning social entrepreneur with a background in economic justice and disability inclusion. Focusing on the inclusion of marginalised communities, Atif has worked on high-profile social development projects across the world. He is the Co-founder and CEO of Diversity and Ability and Zaytoun CiC (the world’s first Fairtrade Palestinian olive oil cooperative). He is an adviser to the WHO rapid assistive technologies board and is a trustee for the largest lived experience pan-disability charity in the country Disability Rights UK.

Atif believes in pushing for a future of inclusive change and global equity. He’s advocating for recognition of the strength of intersectional inclusion, transforming narratives and systems to create environments that welcome diversity of thought and unlock the hidden assets in everyone.

Mila Brazzi, Projects Creative Director

Working with purpose-driven brands like Greenpeace, I’ve forged a career around my passion – to use business as a force for good, to advance people and the planet. As Project’s Creative Director I get to influence and support a large community of businesses to bring about positive change to society and the environment.

I was diagnosed as dyslexic during the first year of my journalism degree and then spent five embarrassed and angry years trying to hide my literary challenges at work until I found my breaking point and consequently forced to stop trying to make my brain work in the same way as those around me.

Now I know that my greatest powers are thanks to my neurodiversity and I love to help others find confidence in their powerful differences.

Ross Othen-Reeves – Rich Earth Cafe Co-Founder

Until very recently I was a human rights activist, specialising on global LGBT+ issues and rights. My primary area of work was focused on implementing international programmes in partnership with LGBT+ organisations around the world. Two months ago, I exited this career to start Rich Earth, with my co-founder Laura (who is also neurodiverse), in partnership with Projects

I have dyscalculia, meaning I struggle with anything and everything relating to numbers. After first learning about the condition in my 20s, I finally went for a test and was diagnosed in my mid-30s. It was a total game-changer. So many other aspects of my life immediately made more sense to me, from a deeply held belief that I was unintelligent, to the very real consequences this had on my confidence and career and life-choices as a result.

Lorelei Mathias – Author and Comedian

A Guardian & BBC-featured author & comedy writer from London & Brighton, Lorelei Mathias writes sketches, novels & articles about falling in love… and out again. She’s creator of the Edinburgh NVA- nominated award comedy web series “Life in ADHD“.

She’s founder of cause-powered comedy collective MelonComedy, and she’s currently writing a new book about the hilarity of Adult ADHD.

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