Aviva Case Study

Aviva approached us in 2019 with two main objectives: to provide support to the neurodiverse staff within their workforce and to reach a new talent pool of neurodiverse individuals through connecting with our community.


About Aviva

Aviva helps 18 million customers to save for the future and manage the risks of everyday life. To give these customers the best possible products and service it is vital that Aviva are the most attractive choice for talented, entrepreneurial people with diverse backgrounds and an evolving range of expertise and insight.

They are passionate about helping their 29,500 people to do the best work of their lives, to enable them to make a positive difference in the lives of their customers.

Our brief

Aviva approached us in 2019 with two main objectives: to provide support to the neurodiverse staff within their workforce and to reach a new talent pool of neurodiverse individuals through connecting with our community.

There are many different organisations that provide candidates for top companies but none that purely focus on the 15% of our population who are neurodiverse. Aviva connected to EI as a resource to find individuals who could bring a different way of thinking and offer unique solutions to problems within their workforce. They also embraced the training required to fully utilise the neurodiverse talent they were now attracting.


  • An increase in neurodiverse job applicants
  • More inclusivity within the organisation
  • More diverse thinking within each team
  • Support for the current staff

  • Delivered

  • A step-by-step ND accessible recruitment process
  • Trained over 200 staff on Neurodiversity
  • x6 Workshops / Webinars
  • A Helpline, A Help Form, and a Resources Hub all offering 1-1 support
  • As the relationship between EI and Aviva grew they ALSO required:

  • Applicants to their Quantum Internship Programme

  • 2x interns successfully place
  • Our solution

    Access to neurodiverse candidate pool

    Each week we spotlight x5 of the most relevant jobs on offer at Aviva, with links to what these roles are and how to apply for them. We carefully match these roles to our qualified, pre-screened neurodiverse candidate pool.

    Neurodiverse-friendly application process

    Found Here

    We created a step-by-step guide on how to apply to Aviva with top tips, how-to-videos and links offering applicants extra support throughout the application process.

    Quantum Data Science Internship

    Alongside our support and recruitment programmes, Aviva wanted to launch a programme that attracted neurodiverse individuals to one of their core data science teams. The placements will last 12 months and include the delivery of at least one project, across the whole data science lifecycle.

    We created an additional page for our community where we explained a day in the life of the Quantum Data Science Internship and designed a recruitment programme specifically for this role.
    Take a look at the page here

    We found individuals with relevance to the programme, we supported them in their applications and we trained them in advance of the internship. We provided workplace needs assessments for the x2 successful applicants and also trained the staff in the Aviva quantum team so they were ready for the individuals when they arrived.

    The x2 successful candidates started their internships in September 2021 and are being fully supported by us throughout their time across the next 12 months.

    Encouraging Diverse Thinking

    We deliver workshops, trainings & webinars on Neurodiversity and how to attract talent.

    We also created The Aviva Resources Hub
    Take a look

    Here we provide information for the team on all the upcoming events and opportunities. It's a place where staff can seek answers to questions independently and build confidence in their understanding of what it means to be neurodiverse and how to best support other neurodiverse colleagues.

    Ongoing Support

    We created a Helpline for anyone within the organisation to ask questions or seek extra support. Staff can also contact us on a Help Form to discuss or express challenges - anyone that's currently working at Aviva, can call us or fill in this form to inform us of their specific challenge or difficulty and we can then respond with the most helpful solutions.

    We provide in-work support for those neurodiverse candidates throughout their job placements at Aviva.

    We also train their supervisors/managers on best practices to use when working with a neurodiverse person.

    What they said

    “Our relationship with EI has supported both new candidates and existing staff. The training sessions have been insightful, engaging, well-received by all those who attended and have given our staff and team leaders confidence in supporting neurodiverse individuals”


    50+ Managers trained

    200+ Staff trained

    2700 Support Page views

    3019 Job Searches from the neurodiverse community

    x2 Quantum Data Science Interns placed

    This has resulted in Aviva becoming one of the leaders in Neurodiverse recruitment. We continue to support managers and staff both on a 1-1 basis and in group sessions. Aviva successfully delivered one of the most innovative and inclusive data science recruitment programmes, attracting, sourcing and hiring exceptional new talent. We hope this paves the way for similar initiatives, both in conjunction with Aviva and across all industries.

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