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What is the Difference Between Dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome?

Featured Image by Pixabay, Pexels You’re in class, staring at the test your teacher just handed out. But something’s wrong – you can’t understand the words. You know they’re supposed to mean sounds, but you have no idea which sounds. And as you keep staring at them, things get worse.

Managing Autistic Employees: A Guide

Featured Image by Canva Studio, Pexels Autistic people have changed the world. From Darwin to Einstein, the unique perception and abilities that autistic visionaries have given us are innumerable. And yet, ridiculously, our society is still so inhospitable to those on the spectrum. Autism Spectrum Disorder (‘autism’ for short) is

A book called All Dogs Have ADHD lies on a grey kitchen worktop.

Book Review: All Dogs Have ADHD (Updated Version)

All photography in this post is by April Slocombe. Introduction All Dogs Have ADHD (2020) is a book that Kathy Hoopmann wrote. It is an updated version of the book of the same name that was originally published in 2008. Like its predecessor, Hoopmann wrote the book to educate children

Autistic Burnout: What Are the Symptoms?

Featured Image by Tara Winstead, Pexels Your eyelids feel like boulders. You’ve been in your bedroom all weekend, the curtains drawn, the floor littered with pizza boxes. You were hoping your body would feel less like a corpse by now, but it doesn’t. You can’t move. Your phone rings –

What Not to Say to Someone with OCD?

Featured Image by Monstera, Pexels You’ve had a 10-hour shift at work, and all you need is a deep sleep. But as soon as you get comfortable in bed, BAM – violent images of dying in a home invasion flood your mind. You can’t sleep for hours. Next morning, you’re

Three young women give each other a high-five as they sit around a desk with a laptop on it.

Navigating the Workplace: How Young Neurodivergent Professionals Can Succeed

Featured image by olia danilevich, Pexels HR managers and companies annually go through hundreds of CVs to expand and improve their workforce. The few CVs that go through the evaluation come from educated individuals with differences such as autism, dyslexia, ADHD, and so on. Growing your business is proportional to

6 Common Myths About Autism

Featured Image by Polina Kovela, Pexels Why Are There Myths About Autism? Autism Spectrum Disorder affects roughly 1% of the population. Some estimates place this higher – the CDC say 1 in 68. Despite its prevalence, the neuro-developmental disorder is still woefully misunderstood. Autism has a complicated history. Some think

Autism and Sleep: Tips for Sleeping Better

Featured Image by cottonbro studio, Pexels Always tired? You’re not alone. Autism can make sleep much harder than it needs to be. Sleep trouble is a woefully understudied aspect of autism, but a 2019 study suggested that 80% of autistic children have disrupted sleep – twice as common as both